LTM Consulting Group


Areas of Expertise and Service

Private, Independent, Family and Community Foundations

Investment Management Review and Support

• Asset allocation/policy portfolio construction
• Investment/finance committee development
• Developing an alternative asset allocation
• Assessing access to direct investments or fund of funds
• OCIO search and selection
• Manager search and selection
• Staffing an investment office/function
• Consultant search and selection
• Custodian services
• Performance and attribution reporting
• Internal software systems
• Investment accounting

Qualifying Distribution / Grants Management Review and Support

• Annual payout considerations
• Planning and maintaining multi-year budgets and forecasts
• Grants management software
• Compliance with IRS requirements
• Meeting expenditure responsibility requirements
• Managing direct charitable activities
• Conducting pre-grant organizational and financial reviews
• Conducting post-grant evaluation

Administrative/Operational Review and Support

• Managing annual charitable administrative expenses
• Planning and maintaining multi-year budgets and forecasts
• Financial statement and budget reporting
• Benchmarking of administrative expenses and compensation
• Staffing a finance office
• Accounting/budgeting software
• Use of leverage to support operations
• Excise Tax issues / 990PF / UBIT/990T / State UBIT issues